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Start Trainings

The Go Pedelec! project offers one-day pedelec trainings.  Such trainings take place during each of the road-show information days events.

Target groups

1.bicycle retailers curious about the issue of pedelecs and wanting to enter into the area without binding themselves prematurely to specific manufacturers.
2.pedelec retailers who want to broaden their horizon.

Hence it is neither a requirement nor a barrier that you already sell pedelecs.

The training is not a detailed repair training for special products. For this purpose manufacturers usually offer their own training. 

Main topics during the training

1.Why buy a pedelec? (definition of a pedelec, advantages, disadvantages)
2.Who will buy pedelecs? (understanding the customers)
3.So many products - which of them shall I buy and sell in my shop? - quality and testing criteria of pedelecs . Bandwidth of existing pedelecs.
4.The electric power issue - batteries, charging systems and according safety regulations, power control of motor assistance and other topics of electronic control
5.Most important EU and national legal issues relevant to a retailer
6.Special issues about repairing pedelecs . Where to get further technical information.

Requirements for participation in the training

1.Registration at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
2.Payment of a participation fee of 25 Euros/person.

Who will train you?

Trainers are

1.a brand independent expert in order to ensure unbiased information
2.staff from pedelec manufacturers.

Next trainings and locations

May 4th, 2010, City of Graz (Austria)