Go Pedelec!

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Start Trainings
All trainings have been held (trainings are closed) . A continuation in some partner countries is intended if potential national partners are found.

Partners from industry (speakers)


Michael Jäger from Diamant/Trekbike at the Go Pedelec! training in Dresden, 2012.

The trainings were organized by the local GoPedelec! partners as well as specific national partners and ExtraEnergy. For the content we worked in close cooperation with drive unit makers who supported the expert trainings with their specific information about their systems. ExtraEnergy organized the trainings. Trainings took place in the Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Germany.

Please download training slides here in English and here in German.

Training section one

Market, technology, laws, and future trends:
  1. history of the pedelec market up to today
  2. hard facts about the current market, judgement about the market potential and the potential for the bicycle trade and industry
  3. pedelec technology: drive-units, energy-storage-devices, charging and infrastructure, human-machine-interface like buttons, displays, and sensors
  4. service: strategies how to cope with the ongoing diversification of the drive unit market including the service software
  5. laws and standards - what is relevant for bicycle retailers - recommendations on how to deal with it - discussion on the best strategies to be legally compliant
  6. proven marketing strategies to stimulate pedelec sales of retailers backed up with real examples.

Training section two

It is about getting insight into the market offers of key players of the pedelec component and especially the drive unit market.

This part consisted of a theoretical part and a hands on part. In the theoretical part trainers from the drive unit or component makers present their technology and services. In the second part of this section trainers showed their parts and materials on a table or work bench to give hands on training - here individual questions could be dealt with and practical exercises can be conducted.

The training was about drive systems and vehicle companies which have their own drive systems. The brand selection varied between the countries.


Participation fee was 50,00 Euro/day including refreshments and lunch.

Target groups

  1. bicycle retailers curious about the issue of pedelecs and wanting to enter into the area without binding themselves prematurely to specific manufacturers and other persons interested in deeper information on pedelecs.
  2. pedelec retailers who want to broaden their horizon.
Hence it was neither a requirement nor a barrier that you already sell pedelecs. The training was not a detailed repair training for special products. For this purpose manufacturers usually offer their own training.

Main topics during the training

  1. Why buy a pedelec? (definition of a pedelec, advantages, disadvantages)
  2. Who will buy pedelecs? (understanding the customers)
  3. So many products - which of them shall I buy and sell in my shop? - quality and testing criteria of pedelecs . Bandwidth of existing pedelecs.
  4. The electric power issue - batteries, charging systems and according safety regulations, power control of motor assistance and other topics of electronic control
  5. Most important EU and national legal issues relevant to a retailer
  6. Special issues about repairing pedelecs . Where to get further technical information.