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Start Feed Back from Participants
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This is the feedback as resulting as a transcription from interviews held at the expert training in Dresden. You might want to listen to the original audio file which is in German. (Ive = Interviewee, Ivr = Interviewer).

First participant
Ive: This was a very informative and interesting program along these two days. I have learned quite a lot. Even as a retailer I could benefit quite a bit from here what regards safety, batteries and also innovative drive systems. I'm convinced that it is a benefit to every retailer to visit this information event.

Ivr: To everybody? In other words, also to somebody who is already experienced with pedelecs?

Ive: Even to those, yes.

Ivr: Would you come again?

Ive: I would definitely come again.

Ivr: Would you come only for some specific topic or even if the event were structured exactly as in these two days?

Ive: I think within the sector of pedelecs many things will change. Therefore I think that the event as well will be changed also over time accordingly. There will be new directives, a new legal framework etc. We will face new challenges and according information will be required be it has a retailer, be it as a manufacturer.

Ivr: And the general introduction of the first day? Would you again want to listen to it or would it be too boring?

Ive: No. I would listen to it in any case.

Second participant
Ivr: How was the event for you?

Ive: Very good. It was not my first ExtraEnergy event. I was already had attended a test ride last year. Hannes Neupert is competent and an authority as a person and as a representative of ExtraEnergy. This is very interesting because in very short time you can meet lot of companies and representatives of industry as well as retailers. Thereby you get to know about opportunities and difficulties within the market.

Ivr: Are you yourself a retailer?

Ive: I work for the company Specialized, we are a manufacturer of bicycles. Our key domain is the sports sector, race bikes and mountain bikes. Up to now we don’t have e-bikes or pedelecs in our portfolio. We observe the market. In first place we are cautious because the market still shows many difficulties and before we react too hastily we prefer for the time being not to produce e-bikes.

Ivr: The general introduction on the first day, technotrends etc., was there something new in it for you - even though you might have already heard it before? Would you listen to this again should you ever come again in case we do another event like this?

Ive: There is always something new in this part. Sure, many things I already had known before because I also had studied the subject by myself previously. Already before I had started with Specialized - I’m there only since one year - I was involved with e-bikes and there also I faced many difficulties. Hence I already had a picture of what was expecting me. Many difficulties but on the other hand also opportunities. However, it is always interesting, good to rehearse. I can see and listen to always new things because the market is rapidly changing, this means even for ’professionals’ this is always something new. On the other hand there are always new retailers as participants of such an event, therefore I would never skip this part.

Ivr: Do you think we might shorten the event from two days to one day?

Ive: No. It depends what you are aiming at. If you try to squeeze too much into a limited time participants remember too little. Either you say you only do presentations of manufacturers or you do only general information on the market, innovations etc. But to do both within one-day is too much because you would have to skip half of the contents. Moreover, once making the effort of travelling somewhere it is well justifiable to spend two days instead of one.

Ivr: Would you have liked on the first day to have an evening event where people may exchange their knowledge, something like restaurant?

Ive: Yes, the opportunity is evident. Because you eat together, some have known each other anyways already before, at least there is some emotional warmth if you did not know each other beforehand. This is the ideal opportunity given that you are already there and all have come for the same purpose.

Ivr: And would you accept higher cost for this?

Ive: Yes.

Ivr: So if you had to pay this by yourself would that be acceptable?

Ive: Yes. You could design this as an optional, asking if somebody wants to attend, already at the registration so you may plan it. You have to eat anyways out for dinner if you do not live here. Moreover, I think that the associated cost can be moderate. It doesn’t have to be excessive, for instance a five-star place. Sitting together comfortably in a nice place will find acceptance by most of the participants.

Third participant
Ivr: How did you like the event in general?

Ive: The event was very informative. Accordingly, I liked it very much. This was ultimately the purpose why I have come, I wanted to get informed about the market, the opportunities and the systems currently offered.

Ivr: Would you have preferred to leave already after one day? Or do you think that it had to be by all means two days, one cannot shorten this program?

Ive: I think the two days were necessary. Moreover the weighting across the days was good. Namely that the second day was rather technical and the first day addressed marketing and sales.

Ivr: This general introduction of the first day, should you ever come again, would you prefer to skip that or would you like to listen in again learning to know what has happened meanwhile?

Ive: I personally would prefer to skip it but given the fact that the pedelec and the e-bike as a system have not yet seized the entire population and therefore there exist manifold misunderstandings and deficiencies also at the level of retailers it will be necessary to listen to it again if I’m here again next time.

Fourth participant
Ivr: How did you like the event? You were here only today (the second day)?

Ive: I think it was very attractive, I liked it very much. I was positively surprised, my professional background is the car industry and I had this topic only as some sort of side project. However I have learned a lot of new things, there were many interesting speeches. So overall an excellent event.

Ivr: You only came here for one-day because you only had time for one-day? In other words should you ever come again would you try to attend two days?

Ive: Yes, I would do so. Yesterday I was busy and I had some meetings therefore it was only possible to come today.

Ivr: If there would be a joint dinner on the first day would you attend?

Ive: I could well imagine such an evening event, sitting together in a relaxed way together with different presenters or with participants. That would be a very good idea.
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