Go Pedelec!

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Start Stuttgart (DE)
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More information (also about registration) you can find here.

speaker company/institution topic/link
Jörg Weller BionX The BionX drive system
Thomas Raica Bosch The Bosch motor
Kaz Suzuki Panasonic Panasonic motors
Wilhelm Breitenhuber MPF Drive The MPF drive system
Gabor Siska Gepida The Gepida drive system
Horst Schuster Clean Mobile Innovative drive systems
David Hu Phylion Experience of a battery manufacturer
Hannes Neupert EnergyBus A unified charging protocol (innovative outlook)
Hannes Neupert Batso A standard for battery safety
Joachim Bigalke Philips Light systems (mainly LEDs)
Mario Wermuth Scooterplan An online management systems for pedelec rentals
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