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What is a road show?

On a road show people can try out pedelecs (= pedal electric cycles), ideally on a ramp or steep street as you can see on the right. There are many different types and brands of pedelecs that you can test on a road show - all of high quality, tested by our project partner ExtraEnergy. More photos of a road show you find here.

Apart from the test track, a workshop for municipal decision makers, organized by the project consortium, can be part of the road show. Participants of the workshop learn about pedelec rental systems, pedelec infrastructure (different types of charging stations, etc.) and best practice examples. Pictures of such a workshop you find here. More information about the content and examples of municipal decision maker workshops you find here.

Technical information on pedelecs, for example battery security,  standardized connectors (EnergyBus) and a market overview, are part of the retailer training (also for interested end users). More information about the retailer training you find here.

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The core part of a road show consists of testing pedelecs. The people of your town shall experience the distinctive feeling when using a pedelec the
first time - they will ride with a smile on their faces. Apart from this, a road show may be interesting for your town out of the following reasons:

  • Pedelecs can improve the health of your people
  • Pedelecs can boost tourism in your region
  • Pedelecs can supplement public transport in your community
  • Pedelecs can enhance social integration (of f. ex. elderly people)
  • Pedelecs can help reduce CO2 emissions of your town
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Decide upon which type of road show is best suitable for your town - do you want a big road show including a test track or rather a small road show with only pedelecs provided by the Go Pedelec! consortium. For more information on the different types of road shows click here - here you also get information on the different features of a road show.

Contact the project coordinator or the respective country manager who will inform you about the further procedure. For contact data click here.


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