energieautark consulting gmbh (project co-ordinator) Founded in 2006, focusing on the implementation of energy autonomous systems (auto-supply of sytems such as houses or settlements purely by locally available renewable energy). Project co-ordinator, specialist on preparing information on renewable energy and energy efficient buildings.

Stadt Graz With 252 000 inhabitants, Graz is the second largest city in Austria. It is the capital and the cultural, economic and educational centre of the province of Styria. The municipality of Graz has been ivolved in several EU-Projects, such as CIVITAS, Trendsetter, Urban, PIMMS and ASTUTE.


ExtraEnergy ExtraEnergy is a non-profit organization headquartered in Tanna, Germany. Its main activities are the dissimination of independent information and the promotion and testing of light electric vehicles (LEVs) around the world.

Stadt Stuttgart The Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart is the municipal administration of the City of Stuttgart. It has almost 600 000 inhabitants and as a State Capital it is the urban centre of the Metropolitan Region of Stuttgart with over three million people and also the economic and political centre of the State of Baden-Württemberg with ten million inhabitants.


ANEA (Agenzia Napoletana Energia e Ambiente) ANEA, the Naples Agency for Energy and the Environment, is and independent, non-profit organization aiming to promote the rational use of energy, renewable energy sources and sustainable mobility.

The Netherlands

IBC (International Bicycle Consultancy) IBC is a non profit organization with headquarter in Utrecht, the Netherlands. IBC has been active in activities and programmes which promote the use of bicycles in urban context for more than 20 years. Cycling promotion in all its aspects is the core business of activities of IBC.

City of Utrecht – The City of Utrecht, like many other cities around the world, is considering the introduction of a hire bike system (as functioning for instance in Barcelona, London and Paris). Investigations are now executed to see what the added value of electric bicycles can be to such a bike hire system. Electric bicycles are taken in consideration for reason of the already high share of bicycle property in the Netherlands.


Miskolc Holding Local Government Asset Management Corporation Miskolc Holding was founded in 2006 and is in the sole proprietorship of Miskolc City of County Rank. The holding has a share capital of 16 billion Ft. and 2 575 employees. Miscolc Holding Plc. itself plays a key role in town planning, strategic enterprise development, exploiting synergies and economy development activities. In case of economy development activity strengthening innovation potential is a crucial goal.

Czech Republic stands for electric propulsion. The company produces its own brand of electric bikes, sells electric scooters and promotes the usage of electric cars. is the country's strongest brand for e-bikes. The company is also involved in intensive education of the use of electric bikes as great urban transport solutions.